Therapeutic Properties Glossary

analgesic – provides relief from pain

anti-bacterial (bactericidal) – inhibits the growth of bacteria

anti-depressant – alleviates depression

anti-fungal (fungicidal) – inhibits the growth of fungus

anti-helmintic (vermifuge) – expels parasites

anti-infectious – inhibits the spread of infection

anti-inflammatory/anti-phlogistic – reduces inflammation

anti-microbial/anti-septic (disinfectant) – reduces microbial growth

anti-neuralgic – reduces nerve pain

anti-parasitic (parasiticide) – destroys parasites

anti-seborrheic – relieves excess secretion of sebum

anti-spasmodic – suppresses muscles spasms

anti-viral (viricidal) – inhibits the growth of viruses

astringent – contracts the skin

calmative - produces a sedative or tranquilizing effect that relieves anxiety, tension, and distress

cicatrisant – promotes regeneration and formation of tissue

decongestant – relieves congestion of the chest and lungs

Hypostensive-lowers blood pressure

insecticidal – destroys insects

nervine/neurotonic – strengthens the nervous system and repairs any damage it may have suffered; calms the nerves 

sedative – sedates the nerves

Unguent- A soothing or healing salve or balm, for application to sores and wounds


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