Our Founder



Angeli is an Ambassador of Christ Jesus, Whose she is and Whom she serves, and she will worship Him all the days of her life.

She is a Whole Health Advocate, who specializes in Long Life and has engaged in over 35 years of theoretical and highly practical research and experience in Clean Living and disease prevention, as well as in sustaining a regenerative, toxic-free lifestyle throughout life on earth.  Angeli is also an avid gardener and FARMACIST, as well as a Birthworker.

Angeli is a published author, who has written several articles on wellness and longevity, as well as the book “Living Longer, Living Stronger: Open Secrets to Increasing Your Lifespan”. She is currently working on the forthcoming book: “Feed Your Brain: A Believer's Guide to Brain Longevity” (2021).

Angeli has presented papers and spoken at conferences and workshops, including:

  • the Northwest Herbal Faire (Wa.)
  • the Spokane VegFest (Wa.)
  • the VegFestWa in (Wa.)
  • the International Conference on Human Development, held at Covenant University, Nigeria, and
  • the International Vegetarian Union’s (IVU) West African Vegetarian Congress, Nigeria

Altogether Lovely Wholebeing Skincare

Angeli walks her talk and talks her walk, practically living a Longevity Lifestyle that produces undeniably tangible and enduring results, including her Winning Skin. As part of her Longevity Lifestyle, she consciously cultivates her Winning Skin and initiated Altogether Lovely Afrotanicals to make tropical Afrotanicals from her home country of Ghana, West Africa accessible to those desiring to tap into the open secrets of luxurious skincare from an age-old culture, whose rich, natural resources are sought-after worldwide.

Toxic-Free Living

“I’m particularly passionate about toxic-free living because toxic, synthetic chemicals and fragrances have a long history of causing and perpetuating diseases and ailments that are of no help to humanity, especially our children.  Why suffer unnecessarily?

Toxic-free living is for everyone- whether you have chemical sensitivities or allergies- or perhaps, you simply want to reduce and even eliminate the very substances that lead to the sicknesses and diseases that only waste your time, energy, emotion and resources. We can all benefit from less disease-causing synthetic ingredients and substances in our lives."


Angeli also gives workshops on topics, such as "Grief Relief", “Toxic-Free Living”, "Heart Harmonizing with Ylang Ylang" for release and relief", “Winning Skin”, “Longer, Stronger Living”, “Feed Your Brain Longevity", "Delicious, Delectable Salt-Free Cooking", "Have Your Garden and Eat It Too" and "Safe Food Wherever You Grow". She also offers workshops on Urban Gardening Workshops for Adults and Children, as well as on Orchid Growing Basics.