Ingredient Profile: Afrotanical Vanilla Bean

Certified Organic Afrotanical Vanilla Bean
Infused / aged in Coconut Oil

Plant: Vanilla planifolia

Method of Extraction: Sun-infusion

Extraction Duration: 2.5 years

Plant Part: Vanilla Bean

Origin: Ghana, West Africa

Therapeutic     Properties: Antioxidant, antiviral, Anti-inflammatory, Neuroprotective, Anticancer

Summary- Vanilla is a tropical plant belonging to the orchid family, which bears fruits that are shaped like pods (Vanilla pods). Vanilla is high in B vitamins, which is a key skin nutrient, making it very beneficial for skin care and for slowing down signs of aging.  It is also excellent for eye repair, hair health and the entire body.

Benefits of Vanilla:

  • Stimulates skin repair, deeply hydrates and promotes prolonged moisture retention
  • helps neutralize free radicals and reverse skin damage
  • helps to slow down signs of ageing, including wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.
  • rejuvenates skin and treats under eye circles
  • has antiviral properties and helps deep cleanse your skin and unclogs the pores
  • purifies skin and helps treat dull and dry skin
  • helps prevent bacterial growth making it suitable for acne treatments
  • helps prevent breakouts and soothe skin irritation, redness and inflammation.
  • helps to dry out acne, thus preventing the occurrence of acne and pimples on the skin.
  • helps to protect skin from several environmental factors
  • helps heal burns, wounds, and cuts
  • helps soothe and heal sun-burnt skin
  • induces blood flow to the scalp
  • helps strengthen hair and encourage hair growth
  • helps treat dry and dehydrated scalps
  • helps repair split ends
  • promotes silky hair
  • helps Support Heart Health